Pipe forming machines

Whether used as a stand-alone process or in conjunction with bending, pipe forming is essential for creating perfectly customized pipes. Be it as a single process or in addition to pipe bending, it ensures that your pipes are optimally matched. transfluid® offers a wide selection of high-performance pipe forming machines for this purpose.

Axial pipe forming machines are most often used when clinched geometrics are required in mass production. The tubes are formed by these pipe forming machines in sequences of up to 6 stages; tool changes during pipe forming are performed horizontally or vertically by servo systems. A special clamping unit also allows complex and extreme degrees of forming to be achieved in axial pipe forming.

Rotary forming machines come into their own when highly complex forming shapes are required. Almost any geometry can be formed using a bead rolling machine of this type with short clamping lengths – even after the pipe bending stage. Quick and simple tool changes make it possible to form pipes from the inside outward and from the outside inward using rotary forming machines and allow for orbital chipless cutting.

Rotary forming machines are controlled, like axial pipe forming machines, via a touch panel with built-in data storage. Machine parameters can be retrieved and stored here, eliminating the need to input them manually.

The benefits of both pipe forming processes, axial pipe forming and rotary forming, are united in transfluid® combination machines. These allow you to carry out all tube processing steps on one machine or to perform them sequentially in a transfer system.

transfluid® offers a variety of powerful pipe forming machines for custom pipe design.

  • axial forming machines
  • up to 6 steps with additional clamping
  • horizontal or vertical tool change
  • bead rolling machines for forming inside to outside, outside to inside, cutting
  • from 4 to 168 mm
  • rotary type end forming machines for flaring


transfluid® pipe forming machines:




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